Common Course Numbering 2023-24 (ORS 350.423)

December 15, 2022

Transfer Council voted to have ten courses submitted to Higher Education Coordinating Commission or HECC for approval on the recommendation to align the course numbering system. The below courses are the start of changes that will help transfer student paths between colleges to be much more clear and attainable. 


  • COMM 100Z Introduction to Communication,

  • COMM 111Z Public Speaking,

  • COMM 218Z Interpersonal Communication,

  • MTH 105Z Math in Society,

  • MTH 111Z Precalculus I: Functions,

  • MTH 112z Precalculus II: Trigonometry,

  • STAT 243Z Elementary Statistics I,

  • WR 121Z Composition I,

  • WR 122Z Composition II, and

  • WR 227Z Technical Writing.