Accelerated Learning

Accelerated Learning Definition: What is considered Accelerated Learning?

Accelerated Learning and Equity: Read this article to see statistics and strategies surrounding accelerated learning programs, and what can help improve student equity for programs locally and regionally

Statewide Accelerated Learning Resources: Statewide resources such as IB and AP class offerings, high school credit offerings, and more are compiled on the Oregon Department of Education site.


What are Credits with a Purpose?

When you earn college credits in high school, please remember to choose credits with a purpose. Beyond one or two classes, the added value of college credit is determined by your future career and academic goals. The credits benefit you most when they fit within your individual career and education plans.  For this reason, try to:

  1. Actively research which careers may be of most interest to you and the required degree or certificate you may need to earn from a college or university to enter this career field. 

  2. Seek out resources from your high school counselor or college & career services advisor. Teachers, counselors, and advisors will share materials that can help you approach this planning.

  3. Research the colleges you might attend, and ask them for guidance.    


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